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What do You See?

UEA's brief was simple. They needed to attract the highest achieving students. In an increasingly competitive market, one of their most important tools in this mission is their prospectus.

Therefore, we had to lay down a challenge that would provoke and attract the right kind of minds.


The idea was to take a different perspective. It's easy to take what we see at face value. That's the conventional view. But what if we change our perspective?

When you look at things differently, you see more and get more. More detail. More knowledge. More insight. More understanding. And ultimately more opportunity for a brilliant future.


There appeared to be a formula with most universities prospectuses. We wanted to break that mould. The campaign ran through the prospectus and onto a myriad of online and off-line channels.


So, do you see just another university prospectus?

Annual Prospectus
Direct mail campaign
Facebook Canvass
Career Events
Adshell - transition
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